Saturday, November 29, 2014

Project 4 Reflection

This project really took quite a while for me.  I found it very difficult to find 10-15 images that I felt fit my theme of science is art.  Although both fields are extremely related, finding pictures that I could explain why and how so was a challenge.  I really did enjoy looking through Artstor and viewing all the different types of digital art there was available to me.  The most difficult part of this project for me was explaining how the artwork related to my theme.  I enjoyed doing this because it forced me to understand Artstor and other links that could lead me to many databases full of art that I had no idea existed prior to this project.  Being an art curator for this project was also enjoyable.  I thought that the way I organized my pictures made sense, and flowed nicely.  It was a very pleasant task to re arrange and play with this project until I felt it looked the way it should, as a real art curator would do when creating an exhibit.

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