Sunday, November 9, 2014

Module 11 Project

Step 1: The Exhibition

The exhibit I viewed was called Presence By Janelle Lynch at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

The theme of this exhibit was nature.

Step 2: The gallery

The type of lighting included spotlights on the ceiling to highlight some of the art and wall sconces.
The walls were mainly different shades of white, a subdued white and grey at times.
Walls and tile floors were the main interior architecture of the gallery.
The gallery provided a nice flow throughout, each exhibit path led from one to the other in a very nice manner.

Step 3: The artwork

The artworks were organized in almost a line form.  All the pictures were mainly hung at the same height as out walked your way through each section, pleasantly spaced out.
The artworks were similar in their framing choices.  Also, certain exhibits follow a certain color tone.
The artworks differ in the fact that they are all different mediums.  There were some done by watercolor, while others were photographs and some were sketches and prints.
The artworks are framed under glass with a metal or wood frame while other pieces were table top framed under glass.
The artworks are identified and labeled by a large white square stating the artist, name of the piece, and some information regarding the exhibit and piece.
The artwork is evenly spaced out to give enough room for the viewer to see each piece one at a time.

Step 4: Art criticism exercise

Janelle Lynch
Presence 1
Burchfield Penney Art Center

1.) This photograph has beautiful lighting that captures the reflection of the trees, I liked this photograph because of the disposition of the bent tree opposing the straight lines.
2.) Trees, water, reflection in the water, multiple different shaped and sized branches based on nature.
3.) Line, is used in this photograph in the natural line shapes that the trees form, the lines seen here are not exactly straight.  Contrast is also seen from the light background to the darker values of the trees in the foreground.
4.)This photograph reminds me of the teeth of a comb.  The tree branches hunched over could represent the curve of the comb while the other seemingly straight trees remind me of the actual teeth of the comb.
5.) I believe the artist was trying to capture the spring image here, I believe she wanted to show the snow melting by the water pooled up under the trees, an the branches damaged over from a harsh winter.

Janelle Lynch 
Presence 3
Burchfield Penney Art Center
1.)This photograph captures a time in nature very well.  I am drawn to the one tree in the foreground, I liked this picture because of this.
2.) This photograph shows many trees in a space but the main tree you take notice of is the center tree in the photograph along with the vine that is wrapped around it in a swirling manner.
3.)Movement by the vine is shown here.  The shape of the line of the vine draws your eye to move around the swirls of the vine and tree.  This photograph is also showing balance because even though you are drawn by the center tree, it is balanced on both the left and right sides of the photograph because of the trees in the background.
4.) The center tree looks figure like, almost as though it is dancing. 
5.) I believe the artist was trying to say in this photograph the nature within us is similar to the nature around us. I came to this conclusion because of the center tree appearing to be dancing with the vine.

Janelle Lynch
Presence 13
Burchfield Penney Art Center
1.) This photograph has beautiful colors in it, and captures the trees changing colors in a subtle way.
2.) This picture has various amounts of colors and leaves from light to dark.  The sun is peaking through the trees giving a soft effect to the painting.
3.) Color is used here by the different tones of the leaves from red oranges to greens, texture is also present because the background looks light and soft while the foreground looks rough and darker.
4.) This reminds that life is full of changing moments, as the trees go through the seasons of change so do people.
5.) The artist was perhaps trying to say with this photograph that transformation is inevitable.  

I probably enjoyed this art gallery experience a little less than just going as a viewer to look at artworks on display.  Noticing the architecture, the lighting and space etc. while these things help to bring the artwork to life, I found myself focusing more on the surroundings than the art, which is not what I would have liked to have done.  However, looking at the gallery in this way allowed me to realize the importance of the display space, and all that comes with it for the art to properly be showcased. 

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