Thursday, November 13, 2014

Module 12 Video Responses

1.) The first video I chose was the Art of Henry Moore.  I picked this specific video simply because I need have heard of this person/artist.  I wanted to know what he was all about, and his significance.

The second video I chose was the Andy Warhol video.  This was an easy choice for me because I always was interested in this artist, and thought it might be a nice review of the information I had already learned based on a prior unit in an art class I took in high school.

2.) Henry Moore was an incredibly impacting artist of the 20th century.  He lived an average childhood, and then began to develop his liking to art.  Henry Moore has created multiple sculptures and works of art that influenced other artists.  I found it extremely interesting that Moore created sketches and drawings of his memories from world war II, rains, bunkers and etc.

Andy Warhol is one of the  most famous artists that I am aware of, this video helped recreate Warhol's works and explained his printing process.  Andy Warhol was a part of the pop art movement, he once said he never wanted to be an artist, he wanted to be a tap dancer.  Later in life he decided to become a famous artist.  He would use magazine clippings and what not to begin his famous works.  Marilyn Monroe's face made him famous.

3.)  Both videos gave background on the wrists.  They both referenced the time frame that the artists were impacting.  The pop art movement, and the 20th century included here.  The text explains the significance of both of these factors.

4.) These videos were relatively interesting.  I now have a lot more knowledge on Henry Moore, for I have never even heard of him before this module. The Andy Warhol video did not really give me any new information, but did broaden my thoughts on how exactly he came to be.

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