Sunday, November 23, 2014

Video Responses Module 13 and 14

1.)Main ideas from The Lowdown on Lowbrow:

Lowbrow became applied to artwork after being used in relations to paintings having nude girls in them.  The term was not well liked.  Many artists who create lowbrow material, like the meaning of lowbrow surrealism more so.  Lowbrow is associated with pornography.  Newbrow is now becoming a term as well.  Surrealism is a huge part of what Newbrow art is becoming.  comic books, and tattoos are a huge impact from lowbrow art.

Displaying modern Art: The Tate Approach:
Displaying art is a Key component in art  How people perceive the art is very much based on how it is presented.  Artists explore the political and social receptiveness of the museums often before their artwork is displayed.  Concerns of how the artwork would be displayed is very great when dealing with an artist and the artwork.  Displaying modern art is what the curators are responsible for.  Each section should provide a theme or principal theme for each exhibit.

An Acquiring Mind
Montebello, an art curator explains how he decides to display the artworks in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  This video goes on to run through certain artworks and their importance.  The expertise of the curators is considered the most valuable of all knowledge in the museum.

2.) Some parts of each of these videos related to my exhibition.  They all spoke about the importance of order of the works of art are displayed, and the paths that lead to acquisition.  I took a lot of time designing my project to flow well with each artwork making sense for the place that I had placed it.

3.) My opinion of these films were that they added to my depth of understanding of what an art curator does daily, and what their overall impacts are.   I learned a great deal from these short films that I was unaware of previously.

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