Saturday, November 1, 2014

Module 10 Mask Project

These are examples of Topeng Bali masks.  The reason I chose these as one of my mask inspirations because I found them to be unique, colorful, and dramatic looking.  Some depict animal forms or peoples faces with different expressions.  These masks use the element of color which allows them to sick out more than the average mask.

This Aztec mask shows a lot of expression in the facial features.  You also notice, the texture that was created on the mask, that looks like it could have been made from clay.  There are multiple topical features, which makes one want to touch it.  You can clearly see the symmetry in this mask which is also something that draws me to it.  Again, the colors in this mask are vibrant and allow the mask to stick out from the rest, which is another reason why I chose this as my second inspiration piece.

This last mask I chose is from Mexico.  This is called the Candelario Owl.  I really liked the color in this mask once again.  Also the artist uses shape in this mask by elongating the nose.  It is very enticing to look at.  The contrast of colors present here also makes me like the mask.

4.) In my finished mask I used the elements and principles of color, pattern, repetition, texture and shape.  For my use of color for the mask I chose bright vibrant colors that I was drawn to.  With my inspiration masks in mind, I thought I would use the colors red, blue, and yellow, while using black as my outline color.  I used the same pattern for the eyes and ears following a circular shape while also trying to give it dimension and texture by gluing the pieces of Himalayan salt to the mask.  This is also why I elevated the eyes, nose and ears.  I used the shape of a monkeys head in mind, using curved lines, and circles.  You'll find the repetition in the eyes and ears by repeating the pattern, giving the mask a symmetrical look.

5.) While trying to find my inspiration for this mask, I found it interesting reading about the many cultural purposes of masks.  In making my own mask, I wanted to add a little bit of myself in it, so I chose to do it with a monkey in mind, because they are my favorite animal.  Color was a huge influence on each mask I researched, and I wanted to ensure that I would incorporate that into my final mask.  Overall, I really enjoyed being able to create my own mask, and was very pleased with the final outcome!

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