Saturday, November 8, 2014

Module 11 Video responses

1.) I chose the Picasso and Matisse video first because I wanted to broaden my knowledge on Matisse.  I did not know much about him prior to watching, and was interested.  Also, Picasso being the famous artist that he is, I believed it would be interesting seeing how they compared the two.

I chose the expressionism video secondly because expressionism has always peaked my interest... t me it was always like the way the artists' broke the rules of art, and still got a way with it.

2.) The first video spoke about what intrigued the artists, and how they begun.  Picasso had an intellectual approach while Matisse came from a very different approach, more personal I believe.  Picasso Invented the first collage while Matisse wanted to bring Picasso down.

Madonna was a highlight in this video. The expressionism in this painting is a wonderful example of ecstasy despair and anxiety. Themes of life works by Munch show expressionism, paining was his obsession, so much that it led him to a nervous breakdown. Many arts done by multiple artists have been shown to affect people in all different ways based on their expressionism.

3.) These videos spoke about different ways of creating art, which is a common theme in our text.  Expressionism is an entire section worth of theories and examples that the second video I watched displayed.  Picasso and Matisse, being of famous are of course good reference points for this video, and our textbooks as well.

4.) These films were rather lengthy, therefore I found myself losing focus every once awhile, however they did a great job covering the topics they claimed they would.  I now feel much more confident in my knowledge on Matisse which was a subject I knew nothing about whatsoever.

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