Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Module 10 Video Review

1.) I chose to watch the video on Hinduism because I know that those who of the Hindu religion have made beautiful art before, and I was curious to see what some of those creations may look like.

I also chose to watch the video on African art because I know this week we are going to be asked to make masks and the first thing I think of when I think of African art is tribal masks,  I figured this video could help me in my mask creations.

2.) In the African art video it went on to explain how everyday life incorporates art.  The sculptures, masks, and buildings or architecture that is present in their area all incorporate their style of art.  The aesthetics are some of the most important features in African art.

In the Hinduism video, the art of India is presented.  This art contains some carved stone shrine like features, and is extremely religious based.  Some of the Hindu art is even erotic, this surprised me greatly.

3.) Both videos were culturally relevant, which is what the text brought up as well.  Both the african art, and the Hinduism art have many culture aspects that made the art aesthetically recognizable and pleasing!

4.) My opinion of these videos is that both were informative, and somewhat interesting.  There were a few surprises in each video that made me think about the art in a more culturally relevant way than I had before.  Each video was useful in my learning.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Module 9 Video responses

1.) I chose to watch The Drawings of Michelangelo for my first video because I was curious about Michelangelo the draftsman, and the creator.  I have heard so many people mention Michelangelo's name but I was never sure exactly what he was responsible for other than some art.

I also chose to watch Leonardo Da Vinci: The Renassiance almost for the same reason.  I know Da Vinci, but not enough about his influence.  I was curious at the very least.

2.) The drawings of Michelangelo showed that his artwork was incredibly more detailed than we believed.  The sense of many figured that were sculpted by michelangelo by using the crosshatching and being much more specific to give you a greater knowledge on what it his he was creating.  

Da Vinci wore many hats.  He was one of the driving forces within the renaissance.  Da Vinci was able to move people through his artwork which is an incredible feat and one of the reasons why we are still speaking about him in todays times.  Da Vinci used more than just art but geometry, math, architecture and so much more that made his art incredible.

3.) These videos helped me further understand what it is that Da Vinci and Michelangelo did in not only the art world, but in general.  The ambitious artists created such an impact on people in their times, and even still today.  

Hand Artwork Module 9

1.) Using my hand as the subject matter for this project was fun.  I was able to look at my hand in much greater detail than usual.  I see my hands everyday so to really have to focus on them for a long period of time was interesting.

2.) I chose to do this project using pencil.  I simply chose this media because it was the easiest available to me and I also wasn't sure how great I would do with holding the charcoal in my left hand when it came to drawing then.

3.) Creating this drawing with my non dominant hand, my left, was extremely difficult.  It almost hurt to do this.  I was not used to this feeling at all and was incredibly impaired while trying to create the image of my right hand.  it was comical for those watching at the very least.  

4.) I believe both of these hand drawings are subpar.  They both are done okay but could be better.  It is obvious with which hand I completed each drawing and I wish it weren't.  The drawings came out well enough to tell it was a hand however!

5.) The only reason I would consider using my left hand to create art in the future would be to strengthen my skills and put me out of my comfort zone.  If I was looking for quality artwork, though, I would most definitely not use my left hand!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Module 8 Video Response

This week we were asked to respond to two videos

1.) I chose to watch The Measure of All Things: Greek Art and the Human Figure because I had heard before that Greek art is what inspired a lot of body model painting.  when i think of artists painting a picture or sculpture of a human I immediately link it to greek artists.  I wanted to know more about this.

2.)For the first required video, More Human Than Human, they discussed how seagulls were an influence for artists when creating images of humans that were distorted.  This video also explained how many artworks keep most of the human figure in appropriate shapes and sizes but will only distort certain things for a reason such as the chest, and stomach on a female.

In the second video that I was able to choose it explained that the change in greek art from religious to more human centered was legendary and impacted much after.  The idea goes on to say that the greeks had an ability to depict a soul in their.  Greek artists attempted to capture movement, it tries to convince you it is close as it can be to humanity.

3.) The videos relate to the readings in the text because both talk about the impact of Greek art creations, those specifically of human anatomy.  The videos and book prove that the Greek art was monumental and able to help Western art grow.

4.) The films were extremely interesting when they showed the pictures of the art and explained why certain pieces were distorted.  I believe that the videos allowed to help me learn more so than the texts.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Module 7 video response

Architecture: The Science of design:

1.) This video explained the science of architecture, the fact that the buildings can't only just look nice, but are made of steel skeletons that will surely hold the building up.  The video went into depth of the parts of the architecture of the building and techniques of building skyscrapers.

2.) This video relates to the text in the sense that it talks about architecture being an art, but a scientific art.  Both sources acknowledge the amount of work that goes into architecture.

3.) This film was very interesting and helpful because it went beyond the art aspect of architecture. I learned the science and details that need to happen to create a building.  This film made me appreciate architecture more because to showed how crucial each step is.

4.) I chose this film simply because the title interested me.  I wanted to understand more in a scientific specific way about the architecture process.

Last Call For Planet Earth: Sustainable Development and Architecture

1.) This film went over our need for change to protect our environment.  Architecture/building has a huge impact on our resources and environment and we can improve certain things in order to maintain a healthy environment.  This is in everyone's best interest.

2.)Design and our environment are huge innovative things we need to acknowledge. Both the text and the video discuss the consciousness of saving our environment from unnecessary depletion.

3.) This film was extensive, however it gave me a more in depth view of the innovative strategies we are coming up with to improve our environment.  Overall, it was very informative.

4.) I chose this film because the synopsis mentioned how innovation is crucial and I immediately agreed.  I thought this one would be the most interesting to me.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Module 6 responding to my peers

2.) Both blogs I viewed I agreed with their principles and element pairings.  I agreed apprehensively at first however.  Many of the pictures to me, at first, seemed to work better with a different element until I looked to their explanations.  Each one made sense.  After looking through two other projects I realized there were so many different applications to these pictures that could be applied creating a conclusion that they were more fitting to that particular element.

3.) In the second blog I viewed we had three pictures that were the same.  I thought this was pretty cool.  I was able to see his reasoning for choosing that particular painting versus mine, and they were quite different.  It just goes to show, that art really does affect all people in different ways.

4.) There weren't really any images that my peers selected that I wanted to know more about.  I had seen each of those images already and didn't pick them for a reason.  Although the responses to those images were interesting the works themselves did not pique my interests.

5.) It is always nice to see what other people are thinking.  Reading my peers' responses helped me organize my ideas better.  I liked seeing what others thought about the same things I had been asked.  None of our responses were the same which I believe was interesting.

6.) There are no comments on my blog currently.