Saturday, December 6, 2014

Module 16 Final Blog Posting!

1.) My expectations for this course were to learn something about art that I didn't already know.  i also wanted to be able to identify some artists that I wasn't once familiar with.  Yes, these expectations were absolutely met.  I now am aware of multiple artists that I had never even heard of before this class, and I have also learned many new terms, art curator being the top one that i really was unaware of until this class.

2.)although I don't believe there can be a cookie cutter definition of art, to me, art is a piece of work someone creates, and is inspires others, weather they are fellow artists or not.   My initial posting was very general, where as now I feel much more confident in my knowledge of what art really is.

3.) My favorite artist s Andy Warhol.  In my initial posting i never mentioned an artist because I did not have a favorite.  I love Warhol because of his fun and laid back artwork, while also he was the first artist we talked about that I could relate to.

4.) This online course went very well for me.  i was apprehensive at first, and now I would feel good about taking another online course as long as I had another reliable and accessible professor.

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